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Arriving at Alpha

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Reaching Boombox’s alpha stage has been the sole focus of Cyberspline’s development team. The months of project design and pre-alpha analysis are expected to be complete by mid September, and the “lobby’s art and 3D elements will be ready in two weeks with the player already be able to interact with the objects in the lobby,” reports Ekaterina ‘Katya’ Nosova, Cyberspline Games’ CEO. “Additionally, we start our QA testing around that time since the main mechanics will be in place as well.” Expressing the enthusiasm of the team, she eagerly states that “we are working on song selections, creating our own unique music.”

Ramping Up and Tech Implementation

Much of the ramp up to alpha is in the form of game editor testing. Naturally, it’s a bit of an experimental lab, so not a whole lot of information can be disclosed, but project designer Luca Cresciullo has stated that “together with the core group of programmers, we are designing a new procedural generation system for the creation of the environment levels. This will make the game unique, offering nonrepeating levels that will be dynamically generated.”

The design team elaborated on this by explaining that they were implementing a chunk system.

The main reason to employ the system is to offer an ease of access for the users to design their own environment. This system also offers enough information to give players an experience in a game world while allowing the game to render optimally. The chunk or “block” system procedurally generates different or random environments by using varying tiles that will be shuffled.

According to a generally accepted biome or “themed environment” these blocks will attach to each other as they set up. The environment will build before the player. When the player starts the map the chunk system generates the map behind the scenes, though to the player it will look like it will assemble before the player.

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