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Cyberpunk 2077: A sobering thought

The events surrounding the Cyberpunk 2077 roll out delay are doubtless the worst-

case scenarios for which project managers design contingency plans to mitigate, if

not outright avoid. With CD Projeckt’s latest announcement leaving a

dedicated fanbase dissatisfied, the largest console platform provider pulling the

game leading to a drop in share trading price [1], it just goes to show that failure

has no friends.

Far be it for us to offer any sort of assessment. As fans of Cyberpunk, we empathize

with its production team. Rather, it is a sobering warning to us that even an

established and experienced developer, with many successful releases under its

belt, can still end up in this predicament. We wish them well with their final release,

whenever that is.

As VR developers who can only hope to achieve a fraction of the success of

Cyberpunk, the lesson we can learn is never to overpromise and underperform.

While we don’t know what is causing the delay, we can appreciate the need to avoid

rather that mitigate problems. With that in mind, the next few months comprising

our closed beta and roll out will be spent polishing, testing, and fixing whatever

bugs might turn up.

Of course, we hope to be playing Cyberpunk soon too.



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