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Game Design done differently?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

It is tempting to think that we should commit ourselves to pioneer new game design techniques for effective drawing board-to-code streamlining. However, in visualizing game design, Cyberspline Games uses many known methods so long as they are constructive.

Voxels and Chunks made from Lego

Last week Deny, one of our design team members, suggested that they use Lego, for its 1 by 1 block set up. The method has already proven highly effective in determining game play esthetics, and Lego voxels are proving useful as the team implements and considers new methods of transitioning biomes.

It is remarkable how easily our designers explain their ideas through Lego rather than reverting solely to whiteboards. This isn’t new. Other better-known game designers like Hideo Kojima are known to use this sort of technique.

In the iterative nature of game design, not necessarily the quickest nor the easiest, but the most effective way of communicating ideas and issues will always win out at Cyberspline. We look forward to investigating new methods to implement our ideas.

Our goal is always the game. We don’t want to get hung up on dead ends, and we are not afraid to 'stand on the shoulders of giants' .

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