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The importance of the Community

BoomBox is LIVE! We did it!!! The final week before release was stressful, we did not sleep, we

worked day and night, but thank to the support of our insanely insane community and to the courage of the team, led by our incredible producer, we had enough adrenaline to release the game in time!

What an incredible adventure... since BoomBox launched in early release on February 26 it has

been a vortex of emotions and news!

The first and foremost important thing we are grateful for is the immediate growth of our

supportive, healthy and very active Community, we were amazed to see such an increase in the

following, streaming, with so much positive feedback and appreciation. We love you BoomBoxers -thank you for being proud of us! Because we are proud of YOU!

With a fast-growing Community, things started to roll very quickly and not long after we had a huge amount of feedback and ideas to work on while enjoying more and more streamers having fun playing our game.

The recognition in the media did not wait to arrive, we have been featured in a few articles already

and we are especially proud of appearing in VR Fitness Insiders (*read the original article below)

where our project principles of Music, Fitness and Community are exposed.

Thank you, everyone, for the incredible support in this amazing journey!

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