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To transform our love for adventure and story telling into memorable interactive creations that capture the imagination and inspire gamers. 




Our employees share a keen sense of adventure both outdoors and in the world of video games. This plays a large part in our creativity. We value passionate people because they come up with some of the most imaginative ideas. 


Playing games is a lot of fun and whether we play alone or in a team, we form part of a larger gaming community and this knowledge helps us to develop games with the community in mind. We value our community, we respect their knowledge and input and we're always striving to include them in our development process. 


As a small team of developers, we function around a set of expectations or values. We didn’t just write these because they sound great. We work by them. 


Continually raising the bar for game design originality and gamer fulfillment…



I was born in the former Soviet Union, in Uzbekistan.


Coming from a military family, we traveled quite a lot. I was 6 years old when my family was stationed in Siberia. I was drawn in by the natural beauty of its forests, and as a child I spent a great deal of time creating little adventures which I would then play out in this snow-covered landscape.

Those memories stayed with me as I grew up and moved to St. Petersburg, Russia for university and eventually to Salerno, Italy where I completed my Ph.D.

I have always been creative. A prolific reader, I am also a writer of poetry and music. I’ve even tried my hand at writing a book. From an early age video games were a part of my life and I still find time to play Overwatch while holding down a full-time job, running two businesses and managing to make time to head out to the gym.

While music and games are my passion, I am keenly interested in psychology and communication. I spend a lot of time chatting with counterparts online forming friendships and learning from them.


I feel at home at Cyberspline. It’s been an opportunity to work with and lead so many amazing people who have in turn supported my creative potential. I absolutely love my team. It’s a great feeling one gets when we all realize we are on the same page. It’s more of a family business at Cyberspline.


As a gamer, it’s my dream to create perfect and well thought out video games. As an AI professional with a PhD focused on Machine Learning, I am motivated to produce games where the harmonization between real players and Artificial Intelligence is seamless.




I come from a small village in southern Italy, immersed in history and nature.

I took to many outdoor activities, specifically fishing, foraging, and hunting, activities which require perseverance and offer a bit of a challenge. I am a huge gamer and I love playing games that feature a high level of complexity and, of course, provide a challenge. My first game was Diablo 1 and I grew up playing many board games, D&D, Warhammer and Magic. I am a big fan of the epic fantasy genre, and my absolute favourite is the dark-gothic medieval universe.

My role at Cyberspline is to design the levels, and the overall features/mechanics of the game. In addition, I am responsible for design documentation and gameplay balancing. I actively manage our development team while providing support to the business development side in providing sales, business communication, and recruiting services.

I am passionate about Game Design. I care about the quality of the product I produce, and I want to be able to directly impact the gaming industry by applying all the love and dedication for games into carefully crafted gaming experiences. I’m also passionate about Metal and Rock music and actively employ rhythm and beats to accurately synchronize with gameplay elements.


I graduated with Honours from the Game Design Diploma at Vancouver Film School. While I love to learn new things, it’s also important to share one’s knowledge and coach others, and I have been privileged to speak about games professionally.


At Cyberspline, I am fortunate that what I do for fun counts as work. I am always looking for the opportunity to work on more games.




I'm from Veracruz, a small city on the Gulf Coast of Mexico.

I love music and technology and I’m working with Cyberspline to create great auditory experiences within VR and collaborate on music production and music technology aspects.

I received a Bachelor's Degree from the Tec de Monterrey in Music Production Engineering. I also obtained a Sound Design for Visual Media Diploma from the Vancouver Film School. I am always looking for new tools for music production and music technology.




I’m from Mexico City. From my earliest recollections, I’ve sought solace in diverse interests like music, skating, anime or camping. This led to my love of video games. I’ve always marveled at the type of wizardry that makes characters jump or move by the press of a button. I usually devote some gameplay time to merely admiring how the mechanics were made or enjoying the game’s music. I am fortunate enough to have found a family in Cyberspline whose passion, values, motivations and wisdom are equal to or even broader than my own.

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