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How much does this game mean to us?

Judging from the title, you may be tempted to think that this blog could be of no interest to you. If the game comes out you might play it, even like it, or possibly hate it and move on. What does it matter what the game means to its own developers from a small unknown studio?

The truth is that, as a business, completing a project like this on schedule and to expectation is the most important thing a studio like ours could hope to achieve. The level of work from all divisions going toward meeting Alpha is staggering. This isn’t a passion project in the sense that it is the brainchild of one individual whose scope and schedule is something to which others must rigidly and dispassionately adhere. We all had a hand in this game, and we all want it to succeed.

This means that we take a special interest, whether we are developers, marketers, artists, and even CEOs.

How we spent the Labour Day Weekend

As we reach Alpha, all feature complete aspects of the game need to be accomplished. Our developers are ambitious, and though the scheduled deadline for their tasks is still far off, they decided to work on aspects of their contributions that needed problem solving. While we do not advocate working over weekends, particularly long weekends, it became clear that nearly all members of our team had been doing so.

Bruno and Deny, our programmers, committed their long weekend to making headway in their respective mapping and environment design tasks. Other team members spent much of the weekend researching and completing other work. This is really about commitment to the game. We don’t love work, but we believe in this game, and will do what it takes to make it a success.

It’s dedication that we want to convey, so that when the game is released, you’ll share in our excitement.

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