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We got some AI in the game.

We thought it important to incorporate some AI that would be a fun way to help you around the lobby before you transition into the game environment. The cat ‘Pupa’ is based on a real grumpy looking, but sweet natured exotic short hair, which will move around the room and guide the player to prompts that will make your initial lobby experience easier. But why choose a cat? Think about all those times when you were a kid in your room, trying to play an intense video game and suddenly your family pet gets in the way. We want to better those memories by making Pupa an aid, but also by creating something with which you can interact and have a lot of fun with. Besides, a cat is the right size and personality for the lobby, preventing you from getting sidetracked in our VR world.

Pupa the AI Cat

Pupa will catch whatever you throw around the lobby. You can play with her, but we can’t guarantee that she will be amused (checkout the image). She’ll even follow a pointer, and there are a few features about her that we’ll allow you to discover. Pupa will indicate any areas in the lobby which may not be apparent. The possibilities are endless. We want to make it easy for you to transition to the game, and to play with the AI if you choose. More options are being planned. Check back!

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