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What is BoomBox to you?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

What’s in it for you?

First you need to know what BoomBox is about. It is an immersive rhythmic VR game. The gamer begins in the lobby where the music and environment (biome) are selected, along with the intensity for each song track. This is followed by a transition into the gameplay area where obstacles and punch able objects move toward the player at rates, frequencies, and distances determined by the rhythm of the music.

You think you’ve seen this before? Not quite. There is a lot about the game mechanics, which we are keeping secret for now, that differentiate BoomBox from all other games of its type.

Suffice it to say that you will need to keep up. Moreover, the level sequences may vary from play to play, so you cannot play the exact same round over. That would be boring. You win by improving yourself at any level you choose. We have added performance indicators that let you know how you are doing.

Game Theme

We expect that when you enter the games lobby you will immediately be hit by a 1990’s gaming nostalgia. We want gamers to remember the time when arcades gave way to home video games. We all had a stack of music cassettes in our rooms. Yes, we also had a few CDs lying around too. But some of our best memories took place listening to music and playing games in our rooms. We want to capture this essence for you to reminisce. Sure, you might be in your mid 30s, but you all know what we’re talking about. Even the soft VR graphics will bring back that time in your life.

Responding to the Gamer.

Boombox has heard you. We’re planning a range of gameplay modifiers and customizations. If you like to unlock goodies, we have a skill cap you can work up to in order to open one of them. We have even added a skill currency. We will keep listening and implement what we hear.

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