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Working through Covid-19

We feel that it’s important to acknowledge the trying times effecting people all

around us. It has been reported that there are nearly a thousand new cases of

Covid-19 in British Columbia since Saturday.*

So many people have been impacted by the pandemic, either by contracting the

virus, or at a minimum by having their work and private lives put on hold due to

measures enacted by the BC government in its attempts to stamp out the virus.

As a team, we have taken Dr. Bonnie Henry’s recommendations to heart concerning

our work setup. Much of our team will work mainly from home combined with short rotating office schedules, while other associates will work solely from home for the next two weeks. It’s a small contribution but one we hope will lower the risks for our team and the people around us.

Work on BoomBox continues, and we are doing everything we can to make sure

that our new working arrangements, or anything that might come up, will not

interfere with our development timetable.

Thank you for your interest in Boombox, and we hope you will stay well as you cope

in such difficult times.


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